Save the Planet...Compost!

Save the Planet...Compost!

March 19, 2017

Throwing food scraps in the garbage is a much bigger deal than you think!

When food scraps sit in the landfill without proper oxygen to decompose, they let off methane gases - these are the gasses you usually see coming from factories...100 times stronger than carbon dioxide. 
A 2009 report published by The World Watch Institute proves that Methane traps up to 100 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide within a 5 year period.
A scarier statistic is that organic matter is the #1 material in our landfills, making up 30-40% of it! That's the condensed version.
Composting doesn't have to be a 'Pintrest worthy' thing to do. It really is as simple as having a container in the kitchen that you fill with scraps and bring to the recycling depot! In B.C., this is the bin you would usually put your yard trimmings in and leave at the curb.
Nobody wants to deal with the stinky and slimy mess than composting can be. Good news! There are great little bins you can get at local hardware stores that will prevent the smell! But really anything with a lid will do.
As for the slime, you can buy compost bags! They're made of plant matter and will decompose with your compost. Just like dealing with your garbage, it prevents having to clean the container every time you empty it. HOWEVER, these bags can take years to decompose and wouldn't work for a personal compost pile.

When it's full, dump it with your yard trimmings!
Want to take it to the next level? Create a compost outside and use it as soil in your gardens! Commercial methods of creating compost require the use of oil-reliant machinery and a sped-up method of oxidizing organic matter at a high heat to make it break down.
The best compost to use will always be your own!
Happy tree hugging!


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