King Bedframe From Old Doors

King Bed From Old Doors

June 20, 2016

A local couple contacted me earlier this year requesting that I upcycle materials into a King bed frame for their new house. I didn't know at the time that King frames weren't made until the 80's. You know, the ones with the bulky posts and weird speckled wood sitting super low to the ground?  I researched alternatives to taking an old frame and refinishing it and my favorite, by far, were old vintage doors. I had never taken on this big of a building project but I was determined, and I can be one stubborn lady!
I drew up my plans and I brought them to my uncle, a woodworker for many years (Thanks again uncle Mel!), who helped me edit and add to my plan.
I figured before I dealt with all of the structural questions I knew I'd be facing, I should pick up doors and try to figure out exactly what I was working with. After emailing a tonne of local vendors I found an amazing lady in Maple Ridge "Arries Rustic Decor". Seriously, check her out, she rocks! She sold me a big antique door with some amazing detailing and beautifully chipped paint. I got back to the studio and little 5'3" me offloaded a 6' tall, solid wood door all by myself! I found another small door in Delta, then begged my hubby to help me lift all the big lumber I was going to need to hold up these seriously heavy doors.
The 6' door actually had to be cut down a couple of inches to fit as the headboord and the smaller door needed some 2' x 4's on the sides to build it up.

I measured and started to attach the posts only to realize that the screws would not go in all the way, leaving an inch gap between the head and foot boards to their posts. After engaging my inner muscle man and still failing brutally, I called in a family friend to tell me what I did wrong.

After laughing at me, he got out his saw and we had to cut all of the screws in half and drill them out of each hole... It took a whole day to fix! But, hey, you'll learn from my mistakes! My problem is that I didn't drill the pilot holes wide enough for the screws, so they were having to push through too much lumber and got stuck.
Once that was all figured out and the boards were flush, I got to bring out the paint brush! (Insert victory dance) I distressed it, had a glass of wine and crashed on my couch.

After hours of work and many sore muscles, I had finally succeeded! The amount of blankets at tie downs we used looked a bit ridiculous but hey, it didn't move an inch in our half hour travel.

We pull into the driveway, she walked out, took one look, and says "oh my gosh, Hunny it's beautiful! Just look at it!". 
It absolutely made my day!
So far this has been the most challenging project I've had and I am so grateful for the opportunity. It gave me a lot more confidence in myself to go on and try for bigger and better and not be afraid to fail.


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